Ways to Start a Conversation with a Girl

by tone024 on September 8, 2010

Ways to Start a Conversation with a Girl

Here are the three ways of starting conversations with girls:

1. Indirect/Opinion Conversation Starters Girls

This is the method made famous by the book “The Game.”

An “indirect/opinion opener” is a way of beginning a chat with a girl that gives her no sign that you are attempting to pick her up. A  basic example of this is “Do you have the time?”

Guys do it this way to go in “under the radar.” The logic behind this is that by going in “under the radar” the girl will not quickly reject you. This leaves you time to create attraction while the girl’s guard is lowered.

The best “opinion” openers begin the conversation with “girl friendly” topics. By beginning a chat with a girl friendly topic such as recent drama, things you’d hear on Entertainment Tonight, or relationships, the woman is more likely to respond.

My favorite indirect opener is: “Is kissing cheating?”
This opener works so great because it is a subject that girls LOVE debating. So the second you bring it into the conversation they  forget that you’re “picking them up”

Who this works best for: This style of starting a conversation with a woman works best for the guy who fears rejection.

2. Direct Conversation Starters Girls

This is the method made famous by men like James Bond.

A “direct opener” is means walking up to a girl and being direct about what you want. A classic example of an direct opening line is “You are adorable and I had to come over and talk to you.”

This opener is higher risk than “opinion” because it lets a woman know your intention immediately. But they say, with great risk comes great reward. Girls are attracted to the confidence they see in guys who can be to be so blunt with them.

The best “direct” lines are delivered with a confident posture. Confidence is crucial to this style of opening girls

As I said earlier, when a woman senses any reluctance, anxiety, or fear as you deliver the line.. you look insecure instead of confident and “alpha.”

My favorite direct opener: “You have an incredible sexy energy…”

These opening lines works best for: Guys who are confident and not afraid to get rejected.

So we’ve just learned to ways how to start a conversation with a girl, lets talk about a third way.

3. Situational Conversation Starters Girls

This is a method made famous by most romantic comedies.

Beginning a conversation with a girl using laughter is a easy way to open her up. An example of this is making a joke when a woman accidentlaly cuts you in line.

This style is fun because it lets you start a conversation with a girl with a playful and flirtatious vibe. It also provides her a feeling of “spontaneity”

The one thing that is not so good about this style is that sometimes there is nothing to comment on, and you can’t think of anything to say.

Situational Humor Example: (Woman brushes her hand against your ass by accident) “Did you just touch my butt?”

Who this works best for: Men who are fun and playful. It also works best for guys who can think quickly.

So now you have three good ways on how to start a conversation with a girl.  What you need to do now is take these conversation starters for girls and put them to use.

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