How to Start a Conversation with a Girl

10 Tips for Starting a conversation with a girl

Approaching women and starting a conversation with them, can be one of the hardest things for a man to do.  In fact, a lot men claim its harder to start a conversation with a girl then it is to give a public speech.

Since the fear of of talking to women is so strong and men are so reluctant to do it, it is no wonder that so few men know how to successfully start a conversation with a girl.  Or what conversation starters to use with girls.

I have some really good news for you.  It’s not nearly as hard as you think to approach women and start talking to them.  In fact, in this article I’m going to give you tips what to do, how to act, and EXACTLY what to say to start a conversation.

Before we talk about what to say to start a conversation with a girl, its important to understand what girls find attractive in men, and what girls are turned off by.

So lets start with…

What turns girls off when being approached?

The important thing to understand when learning how to start a conversation with a girl is that there are certain things men do that immediately make a woman lose interest, disqualify the man, and never give him a chance to attract her.  So here are some thing not to do when approaching girls.

Let’s talk about some of the things men do that turns a woman off.

  • Women don’t like men who invade their personal space.  This is why it is important that when you approach a woman to start a conversation you never get so close to her that she begins to feel uncomfortable.  In fact, I always recommend that men  approach a woman at an angle, slowly turn to look at her, and sort address her over her shoulder.  These conversation starters really puts the woman at ease.
  • Shyness, nervousness, and insecurity really turns a woman off.  This is why its important that you never appear to scared to approach women.   And when you start a conversation with a girl, you need to be relaxed, confident, and fully in control of your behavior.  When a woman senses that you’re nervous to be talking to her, she assumes that you must be inexperienced with girls, and that is a turn off.
  • One of the quickest ways to turn a girl off when you start a conversation with her is to quickly run out of things to talk about.  Women hate awkward silences, so it is very important that you know how to keep a conversation going.
  • Another thing that will hurt your chances with a woman is if you begin talking to her at a completely different energy level than she is currently at.  This means, if she seems relaxed and laid back, avoid coming in completely energetic and loud.  On the other hand, if she is out with friends, full of enthusiasm and energy… you don’t want to start a conversation with her quiet, timid, and lacking excitement.

So we just talked about some of the major mistakes men make when learning how to start a conversation with a girl.  If you just avoid these common mistakes, you’ll already be well ahead of most of the other men out there.

But, now lets talk about what turns girls on.

What turns girls on when being approached?

Women are VERY EASY to turn on once you have a good understanding of what they are attracted to.  So in  this next session, I want to talk about how to start a conversation with a girl in a way that turns her on.

Let’s talk about what turns her on:

  • As I stated earlier, when are EXTREMELY attracted to confident men.  Just the mere act of confidently walking up to a woman, and without hesitation beginning to talk to her will spark her curiosity.  You can display this confidence through your body language, posture, facial expressions, voice tone, and the way you deliver your opening line.  The important thing to remember is that even if you’re nervous or scared, always fake that you are confident.
  • It is always best to start a conversation with an opening line that engages her in conversation.  Instead of just walking up to a girl and saying “hello” you should say something that gets a conversation naturally started. This avoids the awkward conversation I talked about earlier, and will prevent you from quickly stalling out.
  • Women are creatures of emotions.  You must be able to talk to women in a way that brings on an emotional state within her.  You can do this by talking about emotional topics like her passions, childhood, vacations, or any other conversation topics that evoke emotion.  It is also helpful to inject emotional words into your conversation when describing something.  Instead of saying “it was fun.”  Instead say, “my heart was racing with the rush of adrenaline.”

So now that we know what turns a woman on, lets talk about ways to start a conversation with a girl.

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